Sustainability Report 2021

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EU’s Hydrogen and Gas Markets Decarbonisation Package (i.e. Gas Legislative Review).

Focus on continued engagement with all stakeholders, including DECC’s Energy Security Review and Energy Storage Review.

Supporting Gas Networks Ireland’s participation in the Government’s interdepartmental hydrogen working group.

Continue to roll-out a national network of CNG stations.

Aurora to commence works on fibre backhaul connections for multiple international submarine cable systems.

Continue to invest in the development and wellbeing of our staff.

Progress a number of capital works including:

  • Commencement of construction on major security upgrades of the Compressor Stations in Scotland.
  • Capacity upgrade of Collinstown and Diswellstown AGIs.
  • Upgrade of the heating system at Gormanston AGI, a landfall station.
  • Construction of 1.7km Transmission pipeline and capacity upgrade at Nangor AGI to facilitate a new connection to a Power Station customer.