Sustainability Report 2020

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Gas generated more electricity than any other energy source

The national gas network is the cornerstone of Ireland’s energy system, powering 31% of Ireland’s primary energy needs, 40% of the country’s heating, and 52% of its electricity generation. On days of low wind, gas contributes as much as 85% of the generation fuel mix.

Powering over


primary energy needs

Powering over


of heating

Powering over


of electricity generation

New connections

An additional 519 small to medium businesses, 41 large industrial customers, 12 apartment blocks and 4,000 homes connected to the gas network in 2020.

All work was carried out in accordance with the Government’s public health guidelines.

14 GWh

New apartment blocks

496 GWh

Large industrial users

62 GWh

Commercial businesses

16 GWh

New homes

29 GWh

Mature homes

Facilitating circular economies

With commercial volumes of renewable gas introduced into Ireland’s gas network at the country’s first purpose-built gas injection facility in Cush Co. Kildare, we are helping organisations to deliver truly sustainable circular economies, by powering their businesses with renewable gas made from their own food and agricultural waste. A second renewable gas injection point near Mitchelstown in Co. Cork, has also received planning permission from Cork County Council.