Sustainability Report 2020

About us


Natural gas is of key strategic importance to the Irish economy, representing 31 percent of Ireland’s primary energy mix and generating 52 percent of Ireland’s electricity.

As well as keeping safety as our priority, we strive to improve our network and we actively promote and utilise our Innovation Fund which provides funding to promote and encourage innovative projects in the gas industry with the potential to:


significant carbon savings


throughput in the gas system


in the transition to a low carbon economy


measurable value to all gas customers

The Gas Innovation Fund allows us to engage with key stakeholders to share knowledge and leverage the best use of all resources for innovation. It has many benefits in terms of supporting strategic and research projects and trials to meet the key priorities of the fund.

The Innovation Fund is split into two categories: The Causeway Project and the Gas Innovation Fund:

  • The Causeway project is the largest funded project in the Innovation Fund. This project is intended to deliver 14 high capacity fast fill CNG stations and a single renewable gas network injection point. The fast fill stations provide quick, efficient and safe refuelling. As outlined in the sections above, the construction of two stations, in Clonshaugh and Ballysimon Road, were completed in 2020 under the Causeway programme.
  • In 2020, the Gas Innovation Fund approved the allocation of over €780,000 of funding for 16 projects that cover a range of topics including transport, home heating and renewable gas. The gas network is critical Irish infrastructure that can play a key role in the decarbonisation of a number of sectors across the economy. The potential for renewable gas to reduce the carbon intensity of the gas network has been recognised and will continue to be an area that requires investment and innovation.

We are also continuing to explore the potential of hydrogen to future proof the gas network and support Ireland’s climate change agenda. In 2020, we built an independent distribution network in our facility in Brownsbarn, County Dublin to allow us to test how blends of natural gas and hydrogen perform in the network and with customer appliances.